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If they can, then isn't that messing up the 21 million coin distribution? Call the main bitcoin chain is chain 1, and some new side chain chain 2. Because after such a transaction, the resulting UTXOs are not fully chain1 or chain2 assets. But now chain 2 is making it's own BTCs (chain2-assets). Can these chain2-assets be moved back to chain 1? If not, is it safe to do transactions on chain2 that mix chain1 and chain2 assets? If we move BTCs (chain1-assets) over to chain 2, bitcoin then we hope that we can move them back to chain 1.

Obviously, it would be problematic if anyone could put in a certain amount of Bitcoins into a sidechain, and get out more/less than what was originally put in. Sidechains cannot create the same asset that is pegged to Bitcoins to use as a reward for mining.

"US Q2 GDP released this evening may show the US economy contracted for the second month in a row, which by definition is a technical recession." "We aren’t entirely out of the woods.," Gilbert told us.

In this interview, we discuss how LNbits helps to decentralize custodianship and how Bitcoin’s widescale utility outweighs the environmental FUD. Ben Arc is a free open-source software advocate and founder of LNbits.

And once they were used in transactions, how could they be accounted for to know which coins can and which coins can't be moved back to the main chain? If mining can be done on these side chains, then it seems like too many coins could be created.

He moved to Australia in 2010, where he transitioned to analysing the Aussie equity markets. Following several years writing about the tourism industry in the Caribbean, he moved to The Netherlands to cover the EU's booming commercial real estate markets. Bernd Struben earned his economics degree in the US. He employs a combination of macro economics and company specific data to gauge what he believes are tomorrow's best investments. In his free time, you're likely to find Bernd at the beach or dabbling away on a new work of science fiction.

The What Bitcoin Did Podcast is a tri-weekly Bitcoin podcast where host Peter McCormack interviews experts in the world of Bitcoin development, privacy, investment and adoption. Launched in November of 2017, the podcast has grown to over 500 episodes with a guest list that is a testament to the diversity of knowledge and opinions that represent the broader Bitcoin community.

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Past topics have ranged from Cannabis to Censorship , Libertarianism to the Lightning Network , and Sex Workers to Segwit2x . No areas of discussion are off-limits and differences of opinion are encouraged. Industry leaders such as Adam Back , Michael Saylor and President Nayib Bukele have shared the WBD mic along with rising stars. Individual podcast episodes have focused on engaging and accessible conversations with some of the industry’s most influential minds.

This gave blockchain transactions authenticity, immutability, and privacy. In 1991, the blockchain concept was invented as a way of verifying contents within a document using an immutable time stamp. The blockchain was designed as a way of authenticating what’s in a document and time-stamping the verification without revealing what’s inside the document.

You can exchange a chain1 asset with a chain 2 asset on the side chain with someone, but you can't just magically convert a chain1 asset into a chain2 asset and vice versa. chain1 and chain2 assets cannot be "mixed" on the side chain because they exist as different coins on the sidechain blockchain. the chain2-assets cannot be moved back to the main chain for the reason you state.

Founded in 1993 by brothers Tom and David Gardner, The Motley Fool helps millions of people attain financial freedom through our website, podcasts, books, newspaper column, radio show and premium investing services. The Motley Fool launched its Australian presence in 2011, and since then has grown to reach over 1 million Australians.

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imageTransaction fees is one example that is also used in Bitcoin. However, there are many other ways to reward miners. The sidechains paper lists some alternative reward mechanisms in section 6.1 such as demurrage (percentage of held coins are redistributed automatically to miners) and creation of a seperate unpegged asset on the side chain to reward miners.

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